Monday, June 7, 2010

A Customised Card

Elephant Card

Well it's not Father's Day yet for two more weeks, but I got so thrilled upon receipt of this beautiful customised card that I just had to blog about it! (And trust that E's colleagues don't go blabbing to him about it.... okay?)

I chanced upon Kelly's Etsy shop some time ago and just fell in love with the whimsical, sweetly humourous and simple designs of her creations. Hence, she was the obvious choice to turn to when I was looking for a card on behalf of Baby E, to celebrate E's first ever Father's Day! The card is gorgeous, with a hand-stamped darling blue elephant blowing heart-shaped kisses out of his trunk! The envelope even comes with a monogrammed 'E', the first initial of both the baby's and the dad-to-be's names :-)

Many thanks to Kelly, who was so helpful, sweet and prompt in creating this very special card for us! Check out her wonderful creations at, and her blog here.

Elephant Card (2)