Monday, May 31, 2010

A Huge Onion from Morton's

Morton's Huge Onion

Since I don't live in France within weekend-tripping distance of brilliant Michelin star restaurants, unlike dear W, Morton's will have to do.

A visit to Morton's two weeks ago for a repeat of their promotional deal had me chewing mournfully on a well-done ribeye steak and eyeing my husband's medium-rare juicy portion with envy. Sacrilegious really and a waste of good meat, but I had no choice since I need to stay away from raw and undercooked food. I managed to amuse myself by "borrowing" this amazingly humongous onion to take a photo of, since that was exactly how large Baby E was, at 11 cm, measured from head to backside. He should be quite a lot bigger now - the size of a mango!

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Keisuke Tokyo's Ebi Ramen

Keisuke Tokyo_prawn

A madcap dash to Raffles City on Sunday noon to pick up E's Sundown Marathon race kit, saw us squeezing out just enough time to check out Keisuke Tokyo's outlet at the newish Parco Bay Millennia Walk.

Despite (or maybe because of) the longer queues at Nansuttei (another ramen chain from Japan), we decided on Keisuke Tokyo due to the nice review from the Travelling Hungryboy. The Keisuke ramen chain has a different focus for each of its outlets, and the Singapore outpost specialises in prawn broth ramen.

The prawn broth was indeed a winner, very refined and chock-a-block with prawny flavour, with hints of spices and yuzu. According to the Sunday Times, the broth was inspired by French shrimp consomme. Apparently not just any ordinary prawns are used to make the stock, but amaebi (Japanese sweet shrimp) - classy! Some people may say this is like eating high-class "hae mi" but I say this is more subtle and nuanced. I liked the noodles too, which were of the thin variety but chewy enough for me to relish.

A bowl of the standard prawn broth ramen costs SGD14.80, which comes with marinated lettuce stem toppings (tasted like sour pickles) and some slices of chicken meat - add SGD2 for an egg. E had the prawn miso broth ramen (SGD15.80) which I was not impressed with, since that miso was so heavy tasting that it basically drowned out almost all the beautiful delicate prawn flavour. Go for the original anytime!

Keisuke Tokyo
9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk,P3-02

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Hot and Busy Weekend

Or in my case, lemon curd. Unfortunately I was so busy doing various things (housework, visiting parents, checking out necessities to buy) that the weekend just flew by in the twinkling of an eye, and my plans to whip up some homemade lemon curd - so summery!, and lemon is the fruit of the week - were thus temporarily thwarted.

The weather was so blisteringly hot on both Saturday and Sunday though, that I just had to jump into the pool and do a few laps, after which I sat by the pool reading my novel and sipping ice-cold ginger beer. Great, almost like being on holiday (in two months' time).