Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seasons Greetings! A Pictorial


Santa granted mommy her wish....partially :-)


Happy in his own little elephant chair

Ethan_Singapore Babe

I am a 100% Singapore Babe!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Megumi Japanese Restaurant

My friend L who used to live in the Siglap area, pointed out Megumi to me one evening when we were trekking to Udders for ice-cream, and said "it's very good". And so Megumi came to mind when E asked where I wanted to eat, since our jaunts are now confined (for the moment) to places within a 15 min drive of my parents' place, since I don't fancy spending the same amount of time travelling as I do eating.

Megumi_gurukin sashimi

We started off with this whole fish sashimi (SGD35) of what the waiter said was "gurukin" but I could have remembered wrongly. The sashimi was fresh and sweet, and complemented well by the slightly sourish dipping sauce. After we had finished with the fish, the bones were taken away and deep-fried with batter to make a crunchily good snack.

Megumi_salmon ikura don

For my main, I chose the salmon ikura don, which was the special of the day (SGD18) since I was hankering for some briny salmon roe :-) This came with thickly-sliced portions of salmon which were decently fresh although the sushi rice could have been better seasoned. E went for one of their bento sets (SGD25) which was fairly good, we liked that the sushi came with good sized portions of fish overhanging the rice (and not the other way round).


Megumi is a homely place, filled with Siglap locals, serving up a wide range of offerings. While the quality is not quite comparable to top-notch Japanese restaurants like Tatsuya and Aoki, it's good enough for me to go back again.

Megumi Japanese Restaurant
77 Upper East Coast Road #01-03 (another branch at Sunset Way)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Drink Milk


Ethan, time for you to return to drinking your milk properly and not wail halfway through...

Sunday, December 19, 2010



Just the day before Ethan was born, I decided to go gallivanting at Tampines One Mall, and chanced upon their weekday promotion for the month: one-for-one offers on desserts on Tuesdays (there are other offers on other days). And Frolick was one of the participating dessert shops! So I wasted no time in ordering two froyos to try, one for me, and one for Ethan.

Verdict? Taste is not quite as tangy as that of Yoguru's, and the frozen yogurt melted so fast that I had to wolf down both cups a lot more quickly than I would have liked. Other than the salacious naughty monikers (sizes come in "cups", slogans like "spankingly good" are plastered all over) , for me at least, this wouldn't merit a special trip.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ethan's Smiling

First Smile

We think this is Ethan's first smile....it's kind of hard to figure out since he has an expectant / curious look on his face when he's not fretting or crying or drowsy. The little boy weighs close to 5 kg now, a 2 kg weight gain since he left the hospital 6 weeks ago. I feel such a sense of satisfaction to see him growing and developing!

Etna Italian Restaurant

Etna_Beef Fiorentina

For our first date night in the 6 weeks since Ethan was born, we checked out Etna, a cosy little place in East Coast Road very near my parents' place where we had deposited Ethan for a couple of hours. Etna serves up Italian food with a focus on the Sicilian region and is very popular with the local residents.

The pizzas and pastas all looked good, especially the "white" pizzas which looked to be refreshingly different from the usual tomato-based pizzas, but as E had tried the pizzas and pastas before, we went for the Bistecca alla Fiorentina ($60 for two, 600 gm) instead. This hearty T-bone steak was juicy although not that flavourful, but one can't expect that much at such an affordable price. To be honest, I also have not been in the mood to savour food nowadays as my meals are now wolfed down in 5 minutes! Ah, the joys of motherhood. Now back to catch up on some sleep before the next feeding session!