Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Miss Clarity Cafe

Recently reviewed by Seetoh of Makansutra fame, Miss Clarity Cafe is kinda like a teen hangout in the vein of NYDC and other similar cafes (think bright neon colours! Cartoon characters on the walls! armchairs and board games!) but it actually serves decent food. Chef Jonathan Koh specializes in Southern French cuisine. The menu largely comprises food designed to appeal to teenagers, like burgers, baked rice, pizzas, and spaghetti , but there are a decent number of other choices like the grilled provence lamp chops that we had and angus beef sirloin/ribeye steak. Add $3 to the main course to get a soup/salad (our cream of chicken had lots of chicken bits but too much starch), lemonade or barley, and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
Prices are very affordable since they don't charge for service and GST - our bill for two set lunches came up to $27. Don't come expecting excellent food, but this is a value-for-money place with food of above-average quality.

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