Wednesday, October 1, 2008


What a distinctly anti-climatic experience. I was extremely excited before going, and thought that I was in for some kind of culinary epiphany, given the chef's reputation (Gunther built up his name at the revered Les Amis after all), although reviews have been mixed.
In fact it was a let-down. Granted, we took the $38 set lunch which may not be the best gauge of the place, but there was none of that wondrous magical "ah-hah" feeling that I had when going to Iggy's, Pinchos, Cassis, Au Petit Salut, Jaan etc for lunch!
Gunther's is also highly overpriced. The servings were tiny (four thin slices of beef tongue?). We had:
- Summer Salad with Tiger Prawn
- Mushroom Veloute
- Beef Tongue with Madeira Sauce
- Panna Cotta
While I was sipping the mushroom soup, I couldn't help thinking about how much better Cassis' version was. This tasted like something I could have easily cooked in my own kitchen.
Highlights? The bread was warm and yummy (I had two small loaves of mini french baguette also partly to stave off hunger pangs due to the small servings), they gave us caneles for the petit-fours, the service was friendly and professional and we did not have to wait long for our food. But it's not saying much for any restaurant if the things most worth praising are its bread and petit-fours. Give this a miss and go to the other places I've indicated instead.

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