Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tomo, Marina Square

As part of our jaunt out at the Ritz-Carlton, we decided to sample the lunch sets at Tomo, which are priced very affordably at about $20. I had eaten at Tomo once previously many months ago, taking a 10-course dinner set, but did not blog about it then, as it was good but not spectacular (also, lighting was so bad that no photos were possible).
This time round, we were pleasantly surprised. E had the sushi set, while I had the unagi set and I think E made the best choice. His sushi was aburi-ed i.e. seared very quickly using high heat from a blowtorch, so that the outside is slightly charred and the fish oils ooze out into the rice with the best imaginable fragrance. Whereas my unagi set was decent and serviceable, and probably not the best gauge of what this restaurant can deliver as raved about by Skinny Epicurean and scores of other gourmands. To get the best sense, you really have to order omakase (i.e. leave it to the chef) which I am always slightly apprehensive about and think it's a bit of an extravagance.
While Tomo hardly has the best ambience (think hard, dark wooden furnishings, no particular theme), it would make a very decent choice indeed for a lunch in the Marina Square area, at a very affordable rate. Do try it, and support the restaurant business, which has been hit badly by the ongoing financial crisis - there were only two occupied tables (including us) during a Saturday lunch at Tomo - and other restaurants I frequent have told me that they are struggling too.

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