Sunday, April 26, 2009

JuJu Hokkaido Hotpot

A mini-feast with colleagues at Juju Hokkaido Hotpot, Paradiz Centre. I have a soft spot for steamboats (fresh, piping hot food, cooked exactly to your preference! Savoury soup, all that you can drink!) and was really rather pleased with the experience here. It's lot of convivial fun as you have your own individual hotpots with a choice of three soups and a super huuuge main platter of your choice of meats. I had the beef selection, but the ocean platter, served on a fish-shaped dish heaped with bamboo clam, mud crab, sliced fish, cuttlefish, looked so delectable that I'm getting that the next time.
Given the freshness of the ingredients and the fun factor, the pricing of $19.80 for lunch (inclusive of drinks, starters and dessert) is a real steal. Service was warm and friendly, just right for the atmosphere of a fun lunch out with friends. Just next door to Juju, is its sister restaurant Tao's, which serves a 6 course lunch menu for the same price.

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