Monday, July 19, 2010

Holiday in Lombok

Our beach holiday in Lombok about two weeks ago was simply wonderful and blissful on so many levels:

1. Our hotel, Qunci Pool Villas ( What could be better than looking out at a gorgeous unblocked view of the setting sun casting its fiery rays on the ocean, falling asleep to the gentle crashing of waves, showering in a light rain in the outdoor bathroom?

Qunci view from balcony

the view of a floodlit ocean and swimming pool from the balcony of our room

Qunci pool
qunci's beautiful infinity pool

Qunci room

the simple but chic room

Qunci bathroom

bathroom with outdoor rain shower

2. Snorkelling in the turquoise-coloured, bathtub warm waters of the teeny tiny Gili Islands. Probably my last act of physical bravado at six months of pregnancy, but oh, it will be impossible to forget the beautiful neon-coloured marine fishes, stunning glowing coral scapes, and the serenely graceful sea turtles.

3. Great BBQ seafood. Warung Menega, modelled after Bali's Jimbaran Bay seafood bbqs, has charmingly rustic wooden tables and chairs set out on the beach. Eating barefoot with the sand between your toes and the flickering candlelight casting a dim glow over the food, who cares if the fish is a tad overcooked? Everything is swimmingly fresh, oh-so-affordable, and the chilli / sambal is to-die-for. More in the next post.

4. Quiet time 0ut. My life has been just so hectic recently both at work and at home (cleaning out and buying stuff for the baby), that this quiet time to think, reflect and talk to E was much needed. Afterall, this will likely be the last holiday that we take together as a couple, before our life is turned upside-down by Baby E.

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