Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rose Veranda, Shangri-La Singapore (Pictorial)

A leisurely and laid back high tea at the Rose Veranda. A rare indulgence and treat for the time-starved mummy, to pretend to be a tai tai when in reality one is a slave.

Rose Veranda_1

Rose Veranda_2

Rose Veranda_3

Rose Veranda_sleepycat


  1. looks simply sewrene.

    we all need a little timeout from reality every now and then, don't we?


  2. looking tai-tai! :) - zhi

  3. yx - my 2 hours of escapism every week, gives me a sanity break and allows me to be a better mother to my baby.

    zh - Not a tai tai even though it's my aspiration! Am a full time mother, cleaner, cook, entertainer, educator all-rolled-into-one. Very value for money!

  4. Very beautiful pics! :) believe you've had a lovely time! Would think taking care of one's young takes up much energy - more so than going to work. Have much to learn from you on patience and being a good mother!! ^_^