Thursday, April 5, 2012

Taiwan A-Sha Noodles

asha noodles

These instant noodles are all the rage in Taiwan....they are apparently so popular that you can only buy them online, and it takes one month to arrive because of the long waiting list (they limit production to maintain quality). Being curious, I made an order for a few packets to see what all the fuss was about. Including shipping costs, the final damage came up to about SGD2 per pack.

asha noodles_2

and....they were pretty good although not knock-me-out fantastic. Very fresh tasting (no preservatives used) and with a bouncy "QQ" texture. I especially liked that these noodles weren't pre-fried unlike the other types of instant noodles on the market, and hence I had no qualms about letting Ethan sample some. The noodles come in a variety of textures (mee kia, mee pok or ban mian) and seasonings (original, sesame, spicy, szechuan peppercorn). My favourite was the hell-fire peppercorn flavouring - superbly tongue numbing and tingling!

Although considering the long waiting time (I waited more than 1 month), the inconvenience of purchasing from overseas (Customs / AVA is sticky about bringing food products into Singapore!) and rather steep price, I think I will stick to buying Japanese ramen from Isetan for my noodle fix in future.

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