Sunday, November 1, 2015

How to Entertain a Lego-Mad Boy: Bricks and Cubes Cafe, the Cathay

Ethan is truly obsessed with Lego (in a good way!), which is great because there are so many Lego options around to keep him entertained.   Since I needed a bit of a break to catch up with my friend L, we decided to bring our two boys to Bricks and Cubes café, which I had chanced across on another blog.   Highlight - this lego-themed café has a special dedicated play area, well stocked with a very extensive range of lego and duplo bricks, and play stations for each child!

It was the best three hours catching up with L over a meal that we had for a few years.  Ethan and HX were completely engrossed in building their creations and sneaking peeks at the child-friend movies that were screening (we caught the tail-end of UP, all of FINDING NEMO, and the beginning of MINIONS), and only dashed to the eating area for five-minute bursts of fuel replenishment, in the form of pizza and spaghetti.

The food is frankly nothing to shout about - average café standard and a limited range (pizzas, pastas, desserts and coffees), but it is pretty affordable and serving portions are large.  In my opinion, I make a much better Hawaiian pizza - the pizza crust at Bricks was slightly thick and not crispy, and there was a bit too much mozzarella cheese for Ethan's liking.  Our other order of the spaghetti aglio olio was decent though, with a nicely crusted fish fillet accompanying it.

To sum it up, all of us had such an awesome day at Bricks and Cubes Café! We were there on a Saturday afternoon and the café was fairly empty with only 2 other children and a loud toddler who was flinging lego bricks on the floor.  But to avoid disappointment, it might be a good idea to call beforehand to check if the café has been booked by a group or for a party as the play area is small, and can only support around 6 to 7 children playing within.
Bricks and Cubes Café
The Cathay, 2 Handy Road #02-12/14, Singapore 229233


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