Sunday, October 7, 2007

Shanghai Hairy Crab

It's crab season! I had been eyeing the live Shanghai hairy crabs sold in the supermarkets for some time now, as I had never eaten hairy crab before. So after an incessant 2-week long barrage of "i wonder how it tastes"; "should we buy some to try" and "look, it's on sale this week", E agreed that we could buy some to steam and try. (These are real easy to cook. Simply steam for 12 - 15 minutes, and eat unadorned or if you prefer, with a dipping sauce of black Chinese vinegar and minced ginger.)

These crabs are not cheap - we bought the "non-branded" type and they already cost $5 for one (they're tiny, each is only about the size of my palm and I have small hands). The "branded" crabs cost $20 - $30 a piece!

The end verdict was that the crabs were quite tasty and sweet, and the crab milt was smooth and fragrant. But nothing spectacular. Maybe we should next buy the "branded" ones to see if there's anything different about those.

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