Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Morton's of Chicago

I had been wanting to eat at Morton's for a very long time, except that the prices were quite daunting and hence we never really got up the will to go. Last Thursday evening we finally got up the momentum to step into that revered place of the huge American steaks. And yes, it was indeed very good - they use beef that has been dry-aged for at least 3 weeks (basically hanging the beef up in a very tightly controlled environment), so that the beef is absolutely flavourful. Our bone-in rib-eye steak came with a lovely charred exterior and a smokey flavour, with a pink juicy and tender interior. However, rather embarressing, we had such small appetites that we had to share the ribeye steak (well I plead that it's huge), and couldn't finish our two sides of sauteed wild mushrooms and lyonnaise potato. Next time, we'll just focus on the star of the show!

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