Sunday, December 9, 2007

Of Fries and Fish

Pardon the cheeky pun. This is not a post about fish and chips, but rather, about baby fish (which are also known as fries). I have been keeping goldfish for a few years now, and they've started spawning since last year.

The attrition rate is extremely high although they lay hundreds of eggs at one go, so from last November's crop of eggs, I only had 2 surviving goldfish, one of which died 2 months ago. But the sole survivor, I am pleased to report, is doing well and in fact herself laid eggs 3 weeks ago, which have hatched out into that little fry that you see in the photo above. The other photo shows the father who is huge - around the size of my hand with fingers outstretched.

These little fries need a lot of attention, which is why I've been somewhat distracted from my cooking!

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