Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cassis, Rochester Park

I chanced across this restaurant quite by accident, when I was trying desperately to find a suitable place to hold a work event. Cassis, in the almost-hip-and-happening Rochester Park, had just opened its doors for three months and was helmed by a very young chef Eric Cuilbert who had earned one Michelin star in his former establishment. Add to that the very friendly and professional service in making arrangments for the event (private room? customised menu? Special parking arrangements? No problem!), and the fact that it's in the lovely environs of Rochester Park made me happy enough to forget the appalling service I got when making enquiries at Infuzi and Da Paolo.

Menu Listing

Warm Mushroom Soup Emulsion with Pan-Seared Scallop and Escargot Ravioli or
House Smoked Salmon "Mille Feuille" of Crisp Potatoo, Mesclun Salad, Chive Cream

Five Spice Crispy Chicken with Egg Noodles in Soy Sauce, Mange Tout and Preserved Ginger or
Red Snapper with Lemongrass and Shallot White Wine Sauce, sauteed Potato Gnocchi and Asparagus Spears

Molten Valhrona Dark Chocolate Cake, Pistachio Cream Anglaise, Home-made Vanilla Ice Cream or
Honey Nougat Terrine, Feuillete of Chocolate with Coffee Sauce or
Home Made Ice Cream and Sorbet (Tahiti Vanilla / Caramel / Coffee / Strawberry / Pineapple)

My verdict? Some promising dishes and some hit and misses. The mushroom soup was very good and the escargot ravioli was cooked to perfection. My five spice crispy chicken was a letdown though - chef should stick to french cooking as it just didn't shine and was oddly sweet, although I have it on the best authority from the waiter Dano that the Red Snapper was "mmmmpph". The molten dark chocoate cake was pronounced to be extremely excellent, and I found my choice of homemade strawberry sorbet to be wonderful as well.

Cassis definitely merits another visit in a few more months, so that it has some time to iron out the kinks and rough edges. I can't wait to try more dishes!

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