Sunday, June 1, 2008

Teochew Pastries from Thye Lee

This is a very traditional shop that sells Teochew pastries, which are very difficult to find nowadays. My mum's family has been frequenting this place for many years - my mum's wedding pastries were bought from this shop more than thirty years ago, and my own wedding pastries were also bought from Thye Lee. My favourite is the "La Piah", literally translated as pork lard bun, which comes with a smooth filling of lotus seed paste wrapped in a flaky, crumbly crust. It sounds artery clogging and it probably is, but I much prefer this any day to the hokkien style tau sar piah. They also sell other traditional Teochew snacks such as sesame rice and peanut crackers and yes, they still take wedding orders.
Thye Lee is located at Blk 108, Lorong Ah Soo. Another well known Teochew pastry shop is Chop Mui Lee, at the Outram Park / Chinatown area.

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