Monday, May 31, 2010

A Huge Onion from Morton's

Morton's Huge Onion

Since I don't live in France within weekend-tripping distance of brilliant Michelin star restaurants, unlike dear W, Morton's will have to do.

A visit to Morton's two weeks ago for a repeat of their promotional deal had me chewing mournfully on a well-done ribeye steak and eyeing my husband's medium-rare juicy portion with envy. Sacrilegious really and a waste of good meat, but I had no choice since I need to stay away from raw and undercooked food. I managed to amuse myself by "borrowing" this amazingly humongous onion to take a photo of, since that was exactly how large Baby E was, at 11 cm, measured from head to backside. He should be quite a lot bigger now - the size of a mango!

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