Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Morton's made affordable?

Mention Morton's of Chicago and apart from the obvious association with steaks, the next thing that comes to mind is $$$ signs (and lots of them). It was therefore too good an opportunity to miss when D found out that they were having this fantastic promotion (until 31 Mar 2010) where a set dinner goes for $95 - for that you get (1) a Morton's salad, (2) a choice of seafood appetiser, (3) a choice of vegetable or potato, and (4) a lovely aged filet mignon! One set was in fact more than enough to feed two and our server had to stop us two excitable girls from ordering two sets.

We upgraded our order to a prime rib (additional $15) and it was a good decision for this cut was simply bristling with flavour (and also fat). D felt that the steakhouses in the US served better steaks and I agreed that it should be so since the quality of the produce is much better and wider over there. I also had this little sneaky feeling that my sirloin steak at La Strada had been just a tad more tasty than Morton's.

Apart from the Morton's Salad with blue cheese dressing, our other choices for the set were the jumbo lump crab cake served with mustard mayonnaise sauce, and grilled jumbo asparagus with balsamic glaze. The jumbo lump crab cake was excellent - whole chunks of crab meat as the name suggests - although it looked deceivingly small on the plate, it filled up our stomachs comfortably.
But it was not the food that was the highlight. What made this dinner so especially wonderful was D's company and the sharing of long-awaited good news. I wish my friends every happiness in the world, for they truly deserve it.

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