Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fika - Swedish Cafe and Bistro


A languid Sunday afternoon out with girlfriends at Fika, a swedish cafe and bistro located at Arab Street. The decor was very appealing to me since I like the clean minimalist swedish style (and indeed most of the furniture seemed to have come out of Ikea).

Fika Crayfish Platter

For the month of August, Fika is offering this special crayfish platter (SGD 20.90), in line with the traditional crayfish parties held in the Nordic countries, and being the seafood lover that I am, that's what I had. Other than the obvious crayfish (duh!), there was also smoked salmon, hard boiled egg, hard bread, and salad.

Fika Crayfish closeup

The crayfish were unexpectedly quite a bit smaller than the local ones (maybe the size of a largish prawn?), and not particularly sweet or tasty. But it sure was fun sucking out all the saltish crayfish juice and licking one's fingers clean. Is it my own sadistic tendencies, but somehow food always tastes a lot better when you have to go through some difficulties and struggles to eat it :-))

I am not sure I would return again, since the food was only average and prices rather expensive, but this was nevertheless a good and unexpected outing different from the usual tried and tested places!

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