Monday, August 2, 2010

New Stuff for the Kitchen

No sexy gadgets to show off here, but just the usual workhorses of a small home kitchen!

Since the cooking hobs and hood in our kitchen were already more than 10 years old, we decided to do a replacement. The new equipment got installed over the weekend and we were really pleased with how sleek it looks! Can't wait to try it out since the intensity of the flames would be larger than the old one, allowing us to do a really rousing stir-fry with good wok hei (that slightly charred aroma from rapid frying over very high heat)

New Hob

my beloved le creuset cooking ware. boeuf bourguignon is on the dinner menu!

Also had to get a new oven since an internal fuse in our previous one blew for the second time, and we decided that it was not worth the while to get it repaired. We got the exact same model - SHARP 899R - for its three-in-one function: (i) microwave; (ii) convection oven - very important for roasting and baking cakes; and (iii) top and bottom grill - great for making pizzas.

It's good to get the kitchen up and running again!

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