Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Yes yes, I know, I am guilty of not updating this for the longest time.

Excuse is that I have been too busy with baby preparations + sheer inertia. Time is zooming by scarily fast - I am already 34 weeks pregnant and only 3 weeks away from full term! But have yet to finish setting up the baby room or buy all the essentials (no cot, no bathtub, no carseat, no stroller).....completely out of character for an extreme J personality type. Guess this puts paid to my original plan of going on a last trip to Malacca before getting "grounded". Pity, I was really looking forward to staying at the Majestic Malacca.
The good news is that Baby E is growing well and weighed 1.8 kg at the 33 week mark, while I only have a minimal weight gain of 6 kg so far despite eating two breakfasts everyday. I count myself lucky that I am still fairly energetic and agile with no major aches or tiredness to date, and baby bump is very compact! Perhaps these are the benefits from regular exercise and being fit :)
Since my part-time cleaner started work this week, this should free up a little bit of time for me to blog. Posts on Hokkaido Sushi and Shang Palace coming up hopefully by the weekend (unless I get derailed by baby preps).

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