Wednesday, February 23, 2011


How time flies! Ethan will be turning 4 months old this coming Sunday. He is:
  • No longer a toothless tiger! The top of one front tooth has already broken through the gum.
  • Taking about 150 - 160 ml of milk every three hours, 6 times a day. His milk intake comprises mostly breastmilk, with a small 10 - 20% top-up of formula milk.
  • Takes his last feed of the day close to 7 pm, and goes to bed at 8pm. Generally, he wakes up once in the night, at about 4 am for a small feed (yes, going a 9 hour stretch between feeds), before resuming sleep till 730 am. Although he does wake up more than once sometimes, but thankfully this happens only occasionally!
  • Takes 4 naps in the day - 9 am, 11.30 am, 3pm, and 5.30 pm. He only manages to nap for half an hour at each time, except for the 11.30 am nap where I have with much effort over 6 weeks, managed to "train" him to sleep for 1.5 hours, but with me sitting beside him almost all the time to sooth him back to sleep quickly when he wakes up after his first sleep cycle of half hour. As you can imagine, this short napping pattern doesn't leave me very much time to do anything at all! I have to be super efficient and plan what things I have to do within those half hour blocks, including cooking, eating, light housework, bathing!

But, it's all worth it.

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