Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jonker Street Satay, Melaka

Jonker St Satay

Formerly on the old Jonker Street, hence the name, and now relocated to a spacious and rather clinical looking shophouse outlet, this was a slight let down. According to The Star Street Food guide - "Jonker Satay is relished as much for its wonderfully aromatic meat - with crisp, slightly burnt edges - as for its special satay sauce, a tangy, spicy-sweet concoction of crushed peanuts, aromatic roots, spices, shredded pineapple and belimbing."

Unfortunately, we didn't find the meat marinade that superb (tasted a little like curry), and the bits of pork fat lacked the requisite juicy crispness and slightly burnt aroma for satay nirvana. It was a pretty interesting and unique experience to have innards as part of the satay selection though.

In my books, Chuan Kee satay at Old Airport Road is a lot better than this.

Jonker St Satay / Sun May Hiong Satay House
50/50A Jalan Kota Laksamana 1/1
Tmn Kota Laksamana

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