Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ippudo Tao, UE Square

Ippudo Tao_Aka

We have had rather a lot of ramen recently (Nantsuttei, Shin-Sapporo, and Kusabi that I will not be blogging about, as it was only so-so). However when we saw the signboard for Ippudo Tao en route to our original planned destination of Chikuwa Tei, we couldn't resist the call of the noodles!!

The ramen was outstanding. I had the Tao Aka (SGD15, thin curly noodles in tonkotsu broth blended with Japanese fish stock and Ippudo spicy miso paste, topped with pork belly, spring onion and accented with fragrant garlic oil) while E went for the Tao Kuro (SGD15, flat chewy noodles in Shoyu Tonkotsu broth, topped with pork belly, flavoured black fungus, spring onion, special blended miso paste, and fragrant garlic oil).

Chewy, al-dente ramen? Check. Flavourful, rich, umami broth? Check. Melt-in-the mouth, fragrant chashu? Check (my gripe was that it was far too small). I didn't order the tamago, so couldn't say how good this was - hopefully better than my experience at the Mandarin Gallery outlet.

Ippudo Tao_Pork Bun

We also grabbed Ippudo's famous pork bun (SGD3) as an appetiser. This was good, with chewy and slightly gelatinous buns and meltingly soft pork. But oh! So tiny and pricey.

Ippudo Tao
207 River Valley Road, UE Square

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