Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chiang Mai highlights

Our trip to Chiang Mai went really well, although it was very tiring, as travelling with tiny kids always is. Ethan was tremendously well behaved on the flights and captivated by the planes on the runways, and especially enjoyed the Chiang Mai zoo and aquarium, although he was bored stiff by the sleepy sleepy pandas.


The tiger feeding the jaguar

Dusit Chiang Mai

Never too tired to crawl on the bed, even if the parents are knackered

Dusit D2 hotel, right on the steps of the Chiang Mai night bazaar was in a really ideal location for us, as it meant that we could take turns going out at night for a quick browse and even cheap massages after Ethan had fallen asleep (although as it turned out, I only managed to sneak out for a half hour massage and half hour quick stroll at the market on our third night in Chiang Mai). The hotel itself, although nicely kitted out in a modern style and with excellent service, was not what we typically would have chosen - since our preference runs to more unique boutique-style hotels rather than the rather characterless big chains - but well some adjustments are part and parcel of travelling with kids.

Just Khao Soy

Food was good and cheap too, like the khao soi (a tangy curry-based noodle dish popular in Myanmar and Northern Thailand) that we had from Just Khao Soy. While there are undoubtedly cheaper and more authentic versions to be had on the street, this place scored for its cleanliness and quiet environment.

Riverside_Chiang Mai Sausage

The Riverside restaurant, where we had dinner on another night, was excellent and very affordable. My favourite was the charcoal grilled Chiang Mai sausage (yeah, mystery meat, i know), very aromatic with spices and with a crispy crackling skin.


Chiang Mai was a good holiday and break from the everyday tedium and routine, even if it meant many hours of lost sleep (Ethan couldn't sleep at night, to the extent that I clocked less than 2 hours sleep on one night, carrying and rocking him to sleep every one or two hours). Thankfully (oh thank heavens!!) he has by now adjusted back to his usual sleeping schedule from 7 pm to 7 am, and falling asleep by himself without any carrying or petting (double thanks!!).

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