Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Joo Joo, Joo Chiat Road

JooJoo Collage

Joo Joo, one of the new concept restaurants by the founders of Awfully Chocolate (the others being Everything with Fries and Mooshi Bakes), looked promising but turned out disappointing. We had mediocre kushiyaki (about SGD36 for a set for two persons) - there was hardly any grilled aroma, heavy on the salt, the grilling / dipping sauces seemed to have come out of bottles, and the chicken skin was served in the form of deep fried cracklings instead of the grilled crisps I had been eagerly anticipating. The garlic fried rice was also not aromatic at all, tasting instead like it had been mixed with soya sauce and cooked in a rice cooker.
Well, at the least it was a (super) filling lunch. And Ethan had a good time people watching, la-di-dah.


131 East Coast Road

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