Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Le Normandie, Bangkok

We were quite determined to try Le Normandie, which is located in Bangkok's Mandarin Oriental hotel on this trip, given its perfect score (10,10,10) ratings in Thailand's Best Restaurants. The set lunch was gulp, priced at 1000 baht (about $43 singapore dollars) per head, which is hefty for Thailand, but much more affordable than their dinner. The views were stupendous - from our window table we had a beautiful view of the Chao Phraya river and all the activity of the river boats in the serene and luxurious surroundings of the restaurant.
For our extravagant lunch, we had the following:
- Duck Leg Confit with dried fruit, liver, and vegetables with mustard
- Fricassee of vineyard snails
- Escalope of coral reef garoupa with aromatic herb crust and saffron flavoured vegetables
- Roasted beef tenderloin with pumpkin mille-feuille, parmesan cheese and fresh herbs
- Cakes from the dessert trolley
The food was expectedly good - one would not expect anything less from a restaurant with a three-Michelin star consulting chef. It didn't quite blow me away the way that Europea or Biscotti did, but then maybe I have plebian tastes :-) However, it was really an eye-opening experience to see how differently the very rich of the earth live from the rest of us common folk. Do dress up if going to Normandie - jacket and tie are mandatory for men at dinner, and common at lunch even.

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