Thursday, August 23, 2007

Aston's Wagyu Beef

As I was working late on Tuesday night, E and I went to Aston's in East Coast road for a late dinner. Surprise surprise, there were still hordes of people queuing up even at 9.30 pm. I ordered the Wagyu beef which was rather a steal at $38.90 - my first time eating wagyu beef. The texture was indeed meltingly tender, but other than that I didn't feel that this was such a standout dish. In any case, the kitchen messed up E's order of a New York Steak, which came 45 min late. Luckily, it was perfectly cooked. Final verdict? Good quality ingredients, decent cooking at very reasonable prices, but by no means a fancy meal.
N.B. the photo was taken using my new Samsung phone. quality quite good, yes?

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