Friday, August 17, 2007

Inagiku, Raffles the Plaza

Me and E went for an expensive Japanese dinner at Inagiku two nights ago, as we have the Feed at Raffles card which gives us 50% off on restaurants in the Raffles group of hotels. And a good thing too, as we ordered the $140 Summer Tempura dinner set, which had the following items:
- Seabass sashimi with apple balsamico dressing
- Seafood Tempura (i had shrimp, abalone and scallop tempura)
- Steamed Sea Urchin, Shrimp and Cucumber covered with Sparemint Jelly
- Vegetable Tempura (i had sweet potato, asparagus, pumpkin and cherry tomato)
- Simmered White Gourd and Sharks Fin soup
- Chirashi Sushi
- Kyoho grape

Quality of the food was undoubtedly good, with the highlight being the chirashi sushi which I was overwhelmed by the variety of sashimi heaped on the bowl, especially my favourite ikura! We were a little surprised by the rather Chinese sharks fin, but found the broth extremely tasty! However, we both felt that the service was not as attentive and warm as we would have expected given the price; perhaps they were a tad short-staffed that night. A good experience though (although we probably might not go back if we did not have the discount card). We'll be back for the Teppanyaki, which look very yummy and are also reasonably priced.

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