Monday, August 6, 2007

How to Open A Coconut

Okay, confession - this is quite a mundane post. On our Bangkok trip we observed so many street vendors expertly and easily opening coconuts that we tried this method ourselves, and it worked to our great surprise! Here's how it goes:
- Use the back of a Chinese cleaver (the blunt and heavy end) to tap with moderate force on the top round part of the coconut. Do not tap the sharp end, as the husk is much thicker there.
- You should see a fracture line / crack start to form. Continue tapping, shifting the coconut, until the fracture line forms a neat circle.
- Use a spoon to gently lift under the fracture line, and the entire top round of the husk should lift off cleanly, giving access to the coconut flesh and juice.
N.B. This method only works for Thai coconuts. Don't try it on the local coconuts, their husks are way too thick for this.

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