Sunday, May 11, 2008

Santaro, Amara Hotel

This was really quite a bit of a letdown. I went with high expectations, given the good word-of-mouth that I had been hearing from various sources and that the chef was a protege of Chef Nogawa (the grandmaster of sushi in Singapore, all kow-tow now).
The quality of the food was only a tad above average, with only the chawanmushi that I thought was rather good (smooth and eggy, I just wish the chef could have used a tad more yuzu zest in it). Wasabi paste was given instead of the real stuff, and there was no change of tea after the main course. Service was rather slap-dash and there was quite a bit of raised talking in Chinese and Hokkien just outside our private room. No doubt we were there for the set lunch which is the cheaper option but I expected quite a bit more given that Tatsuya can deliver much higher quality at a lower price to boot.
No more Santaro for me, I will be going right back to Tatsuya, Sushi Yoshida and Inagiku.

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