Saturday, May 3, 2008

Teck Sing Paper-Wrapped Chicken, JB

Yes, our original plan was to go to Bamboo. But we changed our minds when we took a peek at Bamboo after our Bak Kut Teh lunch - it was not very crowded and the customers didn't seem to be eating with that much gusto. On the other hand, the next door eatery, Teck Sing was packed to the gills with happy locals slurping down their cze cha dishes.

So when we returned for dinner, naturally Teck Sing it was. We were very glad we did. The paper-wrapped chicken smelt so good and fragrant when it was opened and the meat was tender and simply melted in our mouths. The chicken is actually a small kampong chicken which is good for small groups who want to try more items on the menu. The peanut soup with chicken feet was very good too, if somewhat on the salty side, with 8 chicken feet (yes, I counted) which I love. The only slight let-down was the fried potato leaf, as I think the chef was heavy-handed with the oil. The total cost was a somewhat unbelievable 30 ringgit (12 SGD).

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