Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emmanuel Renaut at Gordon Grill

We went for another Michelin chef promotion at the Gordon Grill, Goodwood Park Hotel, this time featuring 2-star chef Emmanuel Renaut of Flocons de Sel, in Megeve, France, which is an upmarket ski resort area. Being in a mood for some celebration we pulled out the boat and had the 6 course lunch degustation with:

- Freshwater Crayfish with Chantilly of Sweetcorn and Coriander
- Polenta Ravioli, Cepe, Truffle and Juniper Juice
- Chilled Herb Soup
- Langoustine Royale with Apple & Jasmine
- Beef Parmentier with Hazelnut & Black Truffle (E's selection)
- Pigeon in Dandelion Juice (My selection)
- Meringue of Milk Ice Cream (E's selection)
- Tube Almound & Cherry (My selection)

I particularly liked the Crayfish appetizer, which had nuggets of lightly chargrilled crayfish (the chargrilling brought out the taste of the crayfish beautifully), and a "jello" of crayfish stock at the bottom which was intense and full of seafood flavour. The layered flavours reinforced and echoed each other wondrously. We were also impressed by the complimentary dish (the second amuse-boche) of a millefeuille of green vegetables with mushrooms (shown in the top photo, source ST). It was a wonderful meal - not perfect, but close enough.

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