Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Personal Challenge

Last year, if someone had asked me to run 10km, I would have told that person that he/she must be crazy. But it seems that I am the crazy one now, for I took part in the Shape run last Sunday and managed to complete 10 km within my target of 1 hr 30 min.
Apart from the cardiovascular and fat-burning benefits, the bonus was that I felt amazingly good about myself after the race (plus a great complexion, it must be all the toxins flowing out with the sweat), and not too winded or ache-y after the event. I am looking forward to the next runs - Sheares Bridge run in August, GE Women's run, and Standard Chartard run at the end of the year, and hope to have a timing of under 1 hr 20 min by then.
P.S. The loyal supporter a.k.a E was standing by to snap many photos and cheer me at the finish line, but the photo above does not include me. Heheh, sorry if you've been squinting at it.

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