Monday, July 14, 2008

Popeye's Chicken - Not Worth the Calories

My first ever Popeye's Chicken, eaten at Changi Airport Terminal 3 before we flew to Taipei. I had been eyeing this for a very long time, given my predilection for fried chicken, and that my old favourite Mcspicy Chicken had been taken off the menu off McDonald's a few years ago. Popeye's Chicken was certainly crsipy, but tastewise rather bland and not addictive. Nowhere near the super tasty (and salty) KFC with its secret blend of herbs and spices. And what is it about that "biscuit"? It really puzzled me for it looked like a scone but tasted strangely salty and sweet at the same time. So verdict is, there are better ways to satisfy my craving for fried chicken, for Popeye's is not worth the calories.

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