Saturday, September 20, 2008

Twelve+One, Rochester Park

Another wonderful find. Twelve+One is a bakery/patisserie hidden in the Rochester Park area - it has just opened and sells a good range of jams, breads, sweets, macarons, and Ice-Creams!! I quickly grabbed a huge country walnut bread for SGD3.50 (a mere bagatelle if you know what good bread sells for over here in Singapore) and a jar of home-made strawberry jam for SGD15 (with the lumpy strawberry slices still clearly visible) and had them for a great breakfast this morning. Why can't all weekends be like this? :-)
(The ice-creams are a must-try, especially the strawberry and pear sorbets, and the brandy ice-cream. The fruit sorbets taste intensely of the fruit, and not at all artificial. Cassis serves them for dessert too. )

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