Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wahiro, Katong Mall

There are Japanese restaurants like Inagiku, Nadaman, Zipangu, Kuriya - big, glamourous, finessed. And then then there are the others, like Wahiro - almost like a Japanese relative's home where you are served exceptionally good home-cooked food. This tiny little outlet tucked inside Katong Mall has now been serving up good food for a few years now and is steadily making a name for itself.

I last ate at Wahiro 1 and a half years ago, as a birthday treat (see previous posting here). This time round, we stuck to the kaiseki set - called the Wahiro course - for $68 per person. We had:

Kikka Kikuna Ohitashi: Chrysanthemum flower & crown daisy simply boiled, tossed in dashi dressing

Otsukuri: Chef’s daily selection of the freshest sashimi.

Yaki Anago: Grilled sweet sea eel accompanied with green peppers.

Yasai Tempura: Tempura bouquet of sweet potato, ginger shoot petal, pumpkin.

Kamo Roast: Tender roast duck slices on grilled eggplants stack.

Nagaimo Ankake: Quick fried Japanese yam, prawn & grilled fish in thickened vine sauce.

Yakionigiri Chazuke: Grilled rice ball in seaweed infused consommé.

Dessert: Traditional black sesame ice-cream.

All the dishes were very good, with a subtle lightness of flavour to them. I especially liked the boiled chrysanthem flower and crown daisy, the quick fired japanese yam, and the grilled rice ball. To be sure it's not as refined / polished as Nadaman or Inagiku but I love the good "home-cooking" and light style of the dishes served up here and the cosyness of this little nook.

Pictures taken from Wahiro's website since it was too dim to take any photos.

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