Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kuriya Dining

I had not been to Kuriya Dining (Great World City) in a few years and did not remember the food as being particularly outstanding, so this lunch was a pleasant surprise for me. My lunch set was very good -sashimi was fresh and sweet-tasting, real wasabi was provided, my chawanmushi came with yummy snow crab, and the set included my favourite cold udon - all for only $32. If there's any small gripe I have, it would be that the execution of the cooking was not quite as polished and refined as Tatsuya's / Inagiku.
While it's a good choice for lunch, don't come here for dinner. I hear that the prices have risen quite astronomically of late (I remember 3 years ago, they offered a kaiseki dinner for only $60, those days have now disappeared for good).

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