Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tenshin, Regent Hotel

A few weeks back, taking advantage of the year-end lull period and as we were taking a couple of afternoons off work, E and I decided to treat ourselves to a nice lunch at Tenshin. We had heard that this was the place for tempura in Singapore, and were keen to compare it with Ten-Ichi in Tokyo (which was really swoon-worthy). For a Monday afternoon and given that Singapore is supposed to be in a technical recession, the place was sure packed with Japanese businessmen and rich tai tai types.
We took the tempura set lunch at $30, which comprised 3 types of vegetables and 3 types of seafood, as well as accompanying salad, soup, rice, pickles and dessert. It was indeed very good tempura, light and crisp, but not quite up to the standard of Ten-Ichi where the batter "elevated the food to another level". Over here, the batter while tasty and light, didn't play up the natural flavours of the food as much. We found the serving size quite adequate, although on the foodie forums there seemed to be a grouse that there was too little food in the set lunch. All in all, a great nice lunch out on a slow weekday.

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