Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mdm Sachiko Cookies

Siem Reap is one of the last places where one would expect to find mouth-watering cookies...and yet incongruously, Mdm Sachiko cookie store (run by a Japanese lady) delivers wonderfully crisp cookies that melt in your mouth with local flavours - coffee, palm sugar, kampot pepper. At USD5 for a small box of cookies, these are not cheap but don't quibble over the price since it is such a unique find. The store has a steady stream of Japanese tourists coming and going, who all leave with huge packs of cookies. Just outside the store is Cafe Puka Puka, under the same operation, which serves up absolutely yummelicious fruit shakes. It feels like a godsend on a hot muggy day (as all days are in Siem Reap) to feel that icy smoothness flowing down your throat.
Don't forget to look out for Mdm Sachiko cookie store and Cafe Puka Puka! It's on the road to Angkor, opposite Sofitel hotel.

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