Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Running with Nike

This little gadget is lots of fun. It comprises a transmitter and a receiver which you plug into your iPod, and it tracks how far and how fast you run. Paula Radcliffe or Lance Armstrong will cheer you on and announce how far you've run, and whether you've hit your targets. Also comes with internet-friendly widgets! Notice the little 'Mini-me' running on the left side of the blog? When I run often, she runs fast and leaps over hurdles/kickboxes. If I don't run, she gets lazy and sits on the floor / walks slowly / yawns, and says things like "I'm turning into a couch potato!".

This is a very fun and useful gadget, but it's a pity that not many shops in Singapore sell it - not even the main Nike outlets. E bought mine at Queensway for about $50 (you do need a Nike+ shoe which comes with a slot in the shoe base for you to put the transmitting device in). A very nice present for anyone who runs or is thinking about running.

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