Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sui Japanese Dining

Never too late to find out that I really like Sui Dining, which is tucked away on quiet Craig Road off the busy Tanjong Pagar stretch. We had been wanting to go there for some time, but the price gave us some hesitation and the lure of the 50% Feed@Raffles discount at Inagiku meant that we kept on postponing our visit.
It was just as well that both UOB and Amex started giving 1-for-1 promotional offers ($98 for Amex, $128 for UOB) at Sui, which gave us just the push that we needed to try it out. And indeed Sui shines, even with the 1-for-1 (no compromises on quality!). The fish was so fresh and sweet, that it almost felt as though it had just been scooped out of the ocean this very instant. The aburi-ed swordfish simply melted in my mouth and I could not speak with the goodness of it. And the sushi moriwase! I've never tasted maki with nori (toasted seaweed) that was so fragrant and moreish... Sorry, Inagiku and Tatsuya, I think you've just been supplanted by this new find of mine....
The set lunches (less than $30) and omakase (starts from $60) are all too reasonably priced too, although those with big appetites would do well to be forewarned - this is a place where quality reigns over quantity.

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