Sunday, July 12, 2009

Marmalade Pantry

Having heard so much about the famous "best in Singapore" sticky date toffee pudding from Marmalade Pantry, I was resolved to try it the next time I was in the area. It was opportune that my salon shifted to the building next to Palais Renaissance so I hoppitty hopped down to this chi-chi place on Saturday afternoon just before my facial.

This was indeed a place where the beautiful people hang out (by the way, i am not one of them). All very chi chi looking and idly flipping through the weekend newspapers / society magazines while having a late lunch (it was 3 pm by the time I got there) - even the wait staff were good looking! I knew what I wanted so I just ordered the sticky date toffee pudding with vanilla bean ice cream and settled down for a calorie-laden fest. $12 seemed very reasonable to pay considering the prices at some of the other mid-range coffee/dessert places nowadays.

The sticky date pudding was warm, sticky, moist and covered with lots of toffee sauce....yums. The vanilla ice-cream was very good - I could taste the flavour of real vanilla and not artificial extract. Strangely enough, it was only in the first two mouthfuls that I was thinking "can understand why this is considered one of the best in Singapore", but this turned to ennui after a while as the pudding felt rather heavy on the palate and cloying. Most probably me and not the fault of Marmalade Pantry since a) my eyes were larger than my stomach but yet I had it all to myself and (b) I don't have a sweet tooth!

A good way to spend the afternoon people watching, especially when there's so much eye candy around.

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