Friday, July 3, 2009

North Border Bar & Grill, Rochester Park

I have walked past North Border many times when making my way to other restaurants in Rochester Park, but just never had the urge to try it before. Perhaps it was the tacky, cheesy cowboy decor. Maybe it was the sad-looking rooster carved on its entryway. Or possibly it was just that I was obsessed with other restaurants at the time.
Anyway, a lunch catch-up with an ex-colleague that I had not seen for a long time provided the perfect excuse to finally check out North Border. I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The outdoor al-fresco area had hardly any of the eecky texan decorations, and fringed by beautiful, luxuriant and relaxing greenery. A little bit of the jungle in the urban city.
North Border serves very good value-for-money set lunches. $20.90 for 2 courses, $23.90 for 3 courses, and $28.90 for 4 courses: mains actually include ribeye steak. However, will not be giving any reviews on food quality for now. I would have to go back again to try their options, as to give a review based on my choices (seared ahi tuna salad and bouillabaisse) would not be too fair. What on earth was I thinking, to order french fish soup in a tex-mex restaurant?

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