Friday, September 18, 2009

Chicken-broth Ramen at Torisho Taka

Given that earlier positive experience with the kurobuta pork and the positively dreamy cheesecake, I decided to quickly return to Torisho Taka to check out whether their chicken-broth ramen stood up to the stalwarts of Miharu and Menya Shinchan nearby.

True-blue ramen aficionados will be horrified by such sacrilege and insist that ramen broth must be made with pork bone – a chicken-based broth is but a poor imitator and pale whimper of the real stuff. Well since I was not so fanatical about ramen, I was pretty open about trying chicken-broth ramen, figuring that since Torisho Taka is a “chicken specialist”, this would probably be one of the better ones around.

Sorry to say, I was rather disappointed, since the chicken broth was comparatively bland and mild. Yes, I could taste the chicken, but this was akin to a little baa-baa bleat compared to the full-bodied roar of Menya Shinchan’s oily but oh-so-full-of-rich-pork-flavour broth. The egg was done to the right level, with oozing creamy yolk and soft white, but again it lacked taste and depth of flavour, likely because it was prepared using the relatively weaker chicken broth. Indeed having eaten *the best* stuff it is very difficult to settle for less. Nevertheless, lunch ended well with that dreamy cheesecake again.

So if you are going to Torisho Taka for lunch, skip the ramen and have the wagyu beef which my friends pronounced as buttery and very good.

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