Saturday, June 13, 2009

Seriously Good Ramen at Menya Shinchan

Friends will know that I have been singing the praises of Miharu for some time. I later found out about Menya Shinchan, also in the Robertson Quay area, but with my lousy navigation skills, tried to find it twice and failed. It was only on my third attempt that I finally managed to locate the shop. And am I glad that I persevered. I ended up finding Menya Shinchan in a tiny little courtyard somewhere near Shunjuu, packed to full house with Japanese and locals, and this was before 12.15 pm too.
I had the most amazing and awesome salt pork bone ramen, "rich". Costing only $11 (so much more worthwhile than that imitator at Manpuku) The pork bone broth was really really good. Real depth and complexity of flavour and a milky consistency that can only come from boiling the pork bones for days. The noodles were thin and tasted freshly made, although not as springy or chewy as Miharu's Sapporo noodles. The two pieces of charshiu in the broth were so tender that they melted in the mouth. The egg was perfect - salty and soft egg white and creamy egg yolk.
Word of warning. This is absolutely rich and oily and sinful. But since you're there, no point in doing things by half measures, right? Go for it!

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