Sunday, January 31, 2010

Satay Beehoon, East Coast Park

The queues for Meng Kee Satay Bee Hoon (East Coast Lagoon Food Village) are horrendous. Even on weekdays, it is easily a 45 minute wait, and thus our many attempts to try this famous satay beehoon always sadly ended in us walking away to Leng Kee for beef kway teow (queues too, but thankfully shorter).

But by providence, yesterday afternoon we happened to arrive at the hawker centre at 5.50 pm, 10 minutes before Meng Kee's opening time of 6pm. Thank goodness, there was only a 6-person-long queue at that time! So we got our Satay Beehoon - a concotion of peanut gravy ladled over blanched beehoon, kang kong, prawns, cockles, cuttlefish, tau pok, sliced pork, and pork liver. The best part was the peanut gravy - superbly thick and rich, fragrant and aromatic - while the seafood was blanched to just the right level of doneness and not overcooked. In fact I don't happen to like Satay Beehoon all that much but Meng Kee's rendition was so addictively tasty that I ate up quite a bit of E's dinner (that's what husbands are for, to share good food, right?).

Meng Kee Satay Bee Hoon
Stall 17 East Coast Lagoon Food Village

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