Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Skinny Pizza

This was really unimpressive, a damp squib. The so-called skinny pizzas are nothing more than various toppings heaped onto a thin cracker crust - therein the name. Our choice of braised veal cheek, onion jam, spring thyme and sage (SGD25 for 12 inch size) sounded impressive on paper but the combination fell completely flat (pun intended), with the flavours failing to pop individually or harmonize collectively. The veal cheeks while suitably tender, were tasteless and overwhelmed by the too sweet onion jam. As for the cracker base, all I can say is went 'crack'. I wouldn't be coming back for seconds!

One has to admit though, that this is a brilliant business model, since the crackers seem to be all pre-made, which means there is no need to hire anyone to roll pizza dough or purchase a pizza oven, or even cook! All the staff need to do is to assemble different ingredients - probably cooked in a central kitchen somewhere - and heat up the entire concoction, which takes like a grand total of 5 minutes. In short: Premium prices + no chef / cooking skills required + no specialised kitchen equipment + fast crowd turnover = lotsa $$$$$ for the owners!

Skinny Pizza
Wheelock Place, #03-04

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