Friday, February 19, 2010

Yoshimaru Ramen Bar

Yoshimaru Hakata Ramen

There has been a profusion of ramen bars popping up on the island recently, some a lot better than others. This is great news for those who love food ... hang on... that would mean practically all Singaporeans! Since I had made arrangements to meet a friend at Holland Village, Yoshimaru Ramen Bar was a convenient lunch spot. Yet another franchise imported from Japan, and operated in Singapore by the Jumbo Seafood group. I opted for the traditional Hakata ramen, with thin noodles (SGD11). My bowl of ramen was not fantastic, but better than what I was expecting. The broth was half-decent even if it was lacking in oomph and depth - on further reflection, it probably had not been simmered with pork bones for sufficiently long, or horrors, relied on artificial flavouring. But that tasty tamago made up for it - perfectly cooked, with soft whites and a creamy, slightly runny yolk. I preferred my noodles with a lot more bounce than what Yoshimaru was serving up though.

I wouldn't mind coming back here for a quick meal in future, although for me, Miharu still hits the spot (well Santouka and Menya Shinchan are close contenders). Interestingly, I have observed that individual tastes on the subject of ramen can be very subjective to the point of zealousness, so what appeals to me (extremely rich and oily broth, thick bouncy and chewy Hokkaido noodles) might be hated by another (for example, dear W in France). So go out there and eat noodles! You never know what you might stumble upon.

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