Monday, February 22, 2010

Spanish-style Fried Fish?

Jose Andres style fried fish

Spanish is currently the flavour of the month in our home, all thanks to the irrepressibly exuberant José Andres, celebrity chef and host of the PBS programme "Made in Spain".

In one of the episodes, José whips up a easy dish of fried fish which we replicated using a red snapper fillet. It's as simple as rubbing some salt and lemon juice over the pieces of fish, dunking them in flour, dredging in beaten egg, and then deep-frying till they are golden. Upon frying, the egg-flour coating forms a crispy crust which protects the fish inside from the high heat, ensuring that it remains beautifully succulent, moist and juicy. I don't think this technique is particularly Spanish since there are practically identical methods used elsewhere (British Fish and Chips, anyone?) but it was certainly yummelicious, easy and quick!

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